Brunel: Episode 7 - Sports Sciences and Education

Regular Marketing contact off sick and with interviewees cancelling all over the place this episode is struggling to be made.

No SU representative, no Education student, no Education facilities.

Did get to meet Idowu, ranked 18th in the UK at the 200m sprint.

Training for Portsmouth School Teacher

Went into the school to check through equipment. Need admin rights to install free software. Task continues.

Lights for Learning: Pre-trip Interview

Interviewed Roger Mugridge about the forthcoming Lights For Learning trip to the Philippines

Brunel University Podcast, Episode 6: New Format

New format, concentration on Faculties... this one is on Engineering and Design and Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics.

Ray Kirby took me through the Aviation Department's flight simulator while Stephen Cockett took me through the Media Design's recording studio and 3d visual studio.

Also spoke to Amanda Franklin and Ross Dudley - Ross who took me on a little tour of his Industrial Design department and facilities.

Keisha Crooks showed me around Uxbridge. I also went to the local library to see if I could find anything interesting on Uxbridge. It was a bit of a struggle.

Oxford University

Podcast Training meeting with Oxford University. Possible commissioning of training from

Brighton University Meeting

Meeting with Robbie and Hugh at Brighton. Inaugural lectures. Marketing podcasts for specific faculties, Hugh uses an edirol, new faculty marketeers joining in six weeks.

We'll see.

Brunel University Podcast Episode 5: Results Day, Clearing and Preparation for the start of term

This was rescheduled due to a podcasting stint in South Africa and the fact that no interviewees had been set up for the two days I was on campus.

So it was recorded on the 30th and 31st July. Interviewed Eoin Lally [about Clearing] and the SU President, Jatin Patel for the SU stuff and Freshers Week information. Sam Smith at the SU Reception was an unexpected interviewee but performed well.

Today it went live. Issues still with who deals with the rss feed as it is a bit technical for Amanda but not in Andrew's area of responsibility. I have offered to carry out the uploading of mp3 and rss files.

South Africa Job

Off to South Africa to do some audio recording for Short notice gig. 2 weeks.

Brunel University Podcast Episode 4

Now it's up and ready for download. This one is about Accommodation. Again, more voices make it so much more interesting to listen to. I had a look around Dawn James' room in the Gordon Hall of Residence and paid a visit to the Library. I also heard from someone who lived at home during her studies.

Episode 4

Epsiode 4 for Brunel University

Received the details of what this episode is to be about last week but only able to go over them today. It's going to be mainly on the subject of Accommodation. My suggestions of differing voices and the Out And About On Campus items seem to be permanent fixtures now which is good. Hopefully we'll be able to do something on the library facilities this time too.

Episode 3 for Brunel University

Finalizing the uploading of the 3rd Brunel University Podcast. Is live and on the website now but awaiting feedburner to reflect the changes.