LittleSmasher Delves into the World of Social Work

Another LittleSmasher podcast, this time for an audience who have been given an offer of a place on the Social Work course at Brunel.  We hear lecturer, Dr Jean Clarke talk about the course and we hear from first year students Moeed Malik, Tsungai Tawanda and Nicky Blake who also tell us what they think of their experience on the course so far.

"The podcast message was not only very interesting to hear but also very motivating and encouraging." - Brunel Social Work Candidate

"It's great to hear the our podcast is making a positive impact. Well done all!" - S.R-R, Brunel Social Work Marketer

"As others have said this is great stuff. This is the way to go. We are good. We need things like this to make sure people know." - Professor P.B.