Can Podcasting Save The World?

Not really, no. But in view of the hyped up warnings about the global pandemic that is Swine Flu, one newspaper [Norwich Evening News] seems to think that the University of East Anglia has emergency plans to utilise the medium of podcasting in helping curb campus infection rates...
"Contingency plans to slow the spread of the virus, or to cope if the illness cripples staffing levels, include postponing freshers' week, podcasting lectures and quarantining infected students in their halls of residence."
Now, we here at LittleSmasher have been to the odd University or two in our time and we've concluded that without lectures to attend there'd, surely, be more scope for other more interesting interactions for the students to enjoy.


An excellent use of podcasting though, for university lectures of course. Excellent.

All New 'Results Day' Episode now available

LittleSmasher Podcasting services was asked by Brunel University to update an earlier episode of the long running podcast series 'Brunel University Podcast' in time for the target audience, the incoming students, to prepare for their first weeks at University.

The original episode, launched in August 2007, required re-editing and re-recording of the presenter clips. Much of the date-specific content was removed the new interview with Head of Admissions, Sue Gemmill, was added. A new aspect to University Admissions this year, along with Clearing, is what's known as 'Adjustment'. This enables students who achieved better pre-University qualifications to apply for different University's/courses.

Sue Gemmill explains the important points of this new development while also covering Clearing and Enrolment.

This podcast is a must for any new student entering Brunel University this summer.

Results Day, Clearing, Adjustment, Enrolment and the Start of Term

Hear about what you should be doing on Results Day and what you might be expecting during Freshers Week. We talk to the lady in charge of Admissions, Sue Gemmill and we also advise on what you should be bringing with you when you arrive for the start of term at Brunel.

We talk to Eoin Lally about his Clearing experience and ex-SU President Jatin Patel. We also hear from Katy Jenkins and Adam Sumar Tarmohamed. We're Out And About around the Student Union and we talk to Sam Smith on the SU Reception.

Download this episode [right mouse-click and Save Link/Target As]