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Yet another podcast from This time, not only did LittleSmasher record on campus for the client but also travelled into London to interview a busy alumnus who told us his thoughts on how LittleSmasher's client's offering had been contributing to his success...

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Brunel Courses in the Arts and Media

First Year Film and Television student Kristy Myrie talks us through her week while ex-BBC man and Journalism Lecturer Keith Somerville discusses the BA in journalism. We also visit Brunel graduate and business owner, Paul Croft in his Covent Garden Offices in the centre of London to ask him how he thought Brunel influenced his success.

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Recession Amplified

The under-use of Podcasting and other online marketing tools has been highlighted by Online Communications Specialist, Amplify who commissioned a study of Small- to Medium- sized Business owners this July. In an article that can be found at Amplify's blog, the study...
"...found that most [businesses] are not harnessing the power of new cost effective web tools for locating and engaging with customers, partners and prospects. This is despite the maturity of these technologies and the clear need for more proactive communications amid tougher market conditions."
The article, written by Amplify's director of contact management Dave Holt, is entitled "SMBs fail to harness new online technologies to stay ahead in the downturn" and it discusses the use of social networking sites, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to help businesses foster their client relationships.

While it isn't specifically about podcasting, it relates to the online marketing tool-set within which podcasting sits.

Marketers Missing Out

The International Advertising Bureau, the trade association for digital marketing, has just published a survey on their website that suggests that B2B marketers are missing out on brand-building opportunities, including the use of podcasting as a marketing tool.
"Whilst some respondents stated they had used social media tactics such as blogging, podcasting and their own online community, it’s clearly on the agenda in B2B marketing. Some 60% of respondents stated that they are either currently using, or are looking to incorporate social media into their digital marketing strategies."
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Can Podcasting Save The World?

Not really, no. But in view of the hyped up warnings about the global pandemic that is Swine Flu, one newspaper [Norwich Evening News] seems to think that the University of East Anglia has emergency plans to utilise the medium of podcasting in helping curb campus infection rates...
"Contingency plans to slow the spread of the virus, or to cope if the illness cripples staffing levels, include postponing freshers' week, podcasting lectures and quarantining infected students in their halls of residence."
Now, we here at LittleSmasher have been to the odd University or two in our time and we've concluded that without lectures to attend there'd, surely, be more scope for other more interesting interactions for the students to enjoy.


An excellent use of podcasting though, for university lectures of course. Excellent.

All New 'Results Day' Episode now available

LittleSmasher Podcasting services was asked by Brunel University to update an earlier episode of the long running podcast series 'Brunel University Podcast' in time for the target audience, the incoming students, to prepare for their first weeks at University.

The original episode, launched in August 2007, required re-editing and re-recording of the presenter clips. Much of the date-specific content was removed the new interview with Head of Admissions, Sue Gemmill, was added. A new aspect to University Admissions this year, along with Clearing, is what's known as 'Adjustment'. This enables students who achieved better pre-University qualifications to apply for different University's/courses.

Sue Gemmill explains the important points of this new development while also covering Clearing and Enrolment.

This podcast is a must for any new student entering Brunel University this summer.

Results Day, Clearing, Adjustment, Enrolment and the Start of Term

Hear about what you should be doing on Results Day and what you might be expecting during Freshers Week. We talk to the lady in charge of Admissions, Sue Gemmill and we also advise on what you should be bringing with you when you arrive for the start of term at Brunel.

We talk to Eoin Lally about his Clearing experience and ex-SU President Jatin Patel. We also hear from Katy Jenkins and Adam Sumar Tarmohamed. We're Out And About around the Student Union and we talk to Sam Smith on the SU Reception.

Download this episode [right mouse-click and Save Link/Target As]

Another LittleSmasher release: A Week in Life 3

Little Smasher releases the third of the Student Life podcasts for Brunel University. In this episode we meet Jade Bennett, Melanie Musonda and Ludivine Bell for their take on one of their last weeks of the term with exams, deadlines and end of term partying to do!

Download this episode [right mouse-click and Save Link/Target As]

Brunel University 13th July 2009

Another day of recording at Brunel University. Three students recorded on a 'Week in the Life', focussing on their respective end of terms. Also recorded Brunel's Admissions Officer who is gearing up for another feverish summer of Confirmation, Clearing and Adjustment.

Adjustment? Yes, Adjustment. Sue Gemmill explains all.

Brunel are also embracing the Twitter phenomenon. is up and running and raring to go thanks to LittleSmasher's complementary Social Networking services.

'A Week in the Life 3' Episode to be released soon. Sue Gemmill's interview will appear in the new 'Results Day, Clearing and the Start of Term' episode.

ip-config, 7th July 2009

New client ip-config had their first recording session today with Managing Director Stephen Moore using all the management speak he could muster. LittleSmasher gradually got him to speak more intimately on the subject of his business and what ip-config actually do.

You Tube Upload

This is an attempt to utilise YouTube in promoting a podcasting example by

Days Out: the podcast potential

It's simple really.

Where do most folk begin their search when they want to find something to do with the family on weekends or bank holidays?

It's the internet. Certainly with office workers looking for a day trip to balance out their hard working week.

There will be a museum, a castle, a fun park, a cathedral, a gallery, the centre of an attractive local town. And why don't these attractions utilise podcasting, or offer an mp3 download, on their sites to inform and attract visitors and potential visitors?

Some of these tourist attractions are no strangers to offering audio guides on site but don't offer them to be downloaded and put on your mp3 player before you arrive.

The National Trust's website for Fountains Abbey delivers precisely this solution for their visitors.

While this saves the visitor having to queue [and pay for] for an audio guide at the venue, does this make good listening for a visitor on the way to the attraction? Possibly not as it is concentrating on the actual functionality of an audio guide.

So maybe something that skims the most interesting bits from the audio guide into a pre-trip taster of what's to come including highlights of what else is in the area, possibly providing sponsorship opportunities for local businesses or other attractions. Including sound bites from previous visitors and staff.

These top level podcasts could be redistributed via the websites of local hotels and B&Bs - very much like the tourism leaflets that you can already find in the foyers of these guest houses.

Article for HE Marketing News Letter

A LittleSmasher article for a marketing newsletter issued by MJD Consultancy, aimed at Higher Education institutions...

iPods, mp3 phones, computers, memory sticks… Your audience is ready to listen. Shouldn’t you be talking to them?

Effective podcasting is all about matching audience with content - and HE institutes touting for the new cohort provide the perfect pairing of these podcasting principals.

Brunel University engaged to produce the first ever official UK university podcast, now in its third highly successful series. The show proudly boasts a rolling community of hundreds of Facebook fans from all over the world and thousands of downloads and website hits each month.

From the peaceful bench in the memorial garden to the extensive sporting facilities; from Chemical Astrology to Classical Literature - why should potential students, whether overseas, mature, or home, want to commit their immediate future to you anyway? Tell them in a series of engaging radio style mini-programmes. They’ll share them with friends. It’s one-on-one marketing, directly into their ears.


Met up with today. Based in Childrey, near Wantage in Oxfordshire, the man behind the web design company, James, wants to be able to offer to his clients the ability to podcast.

He's already incorporated sound to subtly start playing on one of his clients' websites but needs to actually start thinking in terms of short podcasts to tell visitors about his clients.

Earl Okin training

Over to Ladbroke Grove on the tube this afternoon to sit down with Mr Okin and show him how to upload the podcasts he's now recording himself. Including how to properly use his blogspot account.

He had a gig that evening in Kennington and invited me to come and watch.

I did.

He was brilliant. As always. The audience seemed to really appreciate him.

Another Earl Okin Gramophone Show

Earl Okin has produced another of his Gramophone Shows using his own recording abilities for the second time.

LittleSmasher began by producing two interview based shows for Earl and has come up with a plan to make Earl become self-sufficient in podcasting. LittleSmasher is now controlling the uploading of the mp3 files, the rss feed generation and the administration of his blog,

A third 'Gramophone Show' is ready to be released and will be available in June. LittleSmasher is advising on timings and potential 'podfade' issues.

Earl is improving the sound quality of his presenter links with every show and has demonstrated that even with basic equipment you can get a regular show up and running and accessible to your audience.


Dave Holt of met with LittleSmasher today to talk about podcasting's place in Customer Relationship Management.

Dave can provide expert advice on how to use multiple social networking platforms to run alongside newsletter style mailouts. is part of Dunstan Thomas 'developing ebusiness'.

New Customer:

Met with Stephen Moore and Philip Poyner of and their marketing advisor, Minty Colquhoun from

These gentlemen have started up this business consultancy that provides the expertise to grow your business through to a possible exit strategy.

The company have put in place the podcasting part of their offering with and will be utilising LittleSmasher in the production of their own series beginning in June.

Enterprise 09

Attended 'Enterprise '09' organised by Business Link.

It's clear that podcasting is becoming more prominent in people's thoughts regarding marketing campaigns. However, there seems to be a gap between wanting it and knowing how to get it or even how to use it.

It was nice to think that LittleSmasher bridges that gap.