Met up with WyseFool.com today. Based in Childrey, near Wantage in Oxfordshire, the man behind the web design company, James, wants to be able to offer to his clients the ability to podcast.

He's already incorporated sound to subtly start playing on one of his clients' websites but needs to actually start thinking in terms of short podcasts to tell visitors about his clients.

Earl Okin training

Over to Ladbroke Grove on the tube this afternoon to sit down with Mr Okin and show him how to upload the podcasts he's now recording himself. Including how to properly use his blogspot account.

He had a gig that evening in Kennington and invited me to come and watch.

I did.

He was brilliant. As always. The audience seemed to really appreciate him.

Another Earl Okin Gramophone Show

Earl Okin has produced another of his Gramophone Shows using his own recording abilities for the second time.

LittleSmasher began by producing two interview based shows for Earl and has come up with a plan to make Earl become self-sufficient in podcasting. LittleSmasher is now controlling the uploading of the mp3 files, the rss feed generation and the administration of his blog, earlokin.blogspot.com.

A third 'Gramophone Show' is ready to be released and will be available in June. LittleSmasher is advising on timings and potential 'podfade' issues.

Earl is improving the sound quality of his presenter links with every show and has demonstrated that even with basic equipment you can get a regular show up and running and accessible to your audience.


Dave Holt of dthomas.co.uk/amplify met with LittleSmasher today to talk about podcasting's place in Customer Relationship Management.

Dave can provide expert advice on how to use multiple social networking platforms to run alongside newsletter style mailouts.

dthomas.co.uk/amplify is part of Dunstan Thomas 'developing ebusiness'.

New Customer: ip-config.com

Met with Stephen Moore and Philip Poyner of ip-config.com and their marketing advisor, Minty Colquhoun from minty-marketing.com

These gentlemen have started up this business consultancy that provides the expertise to grow your business through to a possible exit strategy.

The company have put in place the podcasting part of their offering with LittleSmasher.com and will be utilising LittleSmasher in the production of their own series beginning in June.