Recession Amplified

The under-use of Podcasting and other online marketing tools has been highlighted by Online Communications Specialist, Amplify who commissioned a study of Small- to Medium- sized Business owners this July. In an article that can be found at Amplify's blog, the study...
"...found that most [businesses] are not harnessing the power of new cost effective web tools for locating and engaging with customers, partners and prospects. This is despite the maturity of these technologies and the clear need for more proactive communications amid tougher market conditions."
The article, written by Amplify's director of contact management Dave Holt, is entitled "SMBs fail to harness new online technologies to stay ahead in the downturn" and it discusses the use of social networking sites, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to help businesses foster their client relationships.

While it isn't specifically about podcasting, it relates to the online marketing tool-set within which podcasting sits.